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This is how I found the online store Zooplus. Four cats, yes you heard, and a bearded dragon. My small fury family has grown rapidly in recent years. The influx of kittens to fully grown cats can take its toll on anyone’s pockets. It wasn’t until our youngest Zach was found to have struvite crystals, that we realised the true cost of vet approved foodstuffs. Male cats have a habit of getting these nasty little crystals. Formed when Ammonium, Magnesium and Phosphate cause sand like grains to form in the bladder. These little grains then can hurt little Zach as he passes urine. In turn this can cause discomfort and bleeding. The good news is that they are easily fixed with a special veterinarian diet.


We were advised by the vet (Dr Richard as we call him) to purchase some Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat food (Urinary S/O LP34)
Royal Canin

Cost, cheaper at Zooplus?

Now anyone purchasing this food from a vets will know how expensive it is. However, Dr Richard told us to literally buy it from Amazon to save a fortune. He isn’t one of these money orientated  vets and truly cares for the animals he takes care of. Sure enough we looked on Amazon and the food was so much cheaper than at the vets. We purchased a bag, and alongside some prescription paste called Uro Struvite Paste, which can be used on both cats and dogs, started to treat Zach.


A few days past and he was feeling much better, and becoming his normal self. A week later he was back at the vets for a follow up. The Ultra-Sound showed the crystals were dissolving, so the treatment had been successful. Dr Richard told us that he will potentially get them again. But we can help to prevent this if we continue to provide him with a mix of his normal food with this special Urinary Diet Cat Food. Our first long term health suffering cat, was also our youngest and latest addition to the family.

Ongoing costs

We started to order the food on subscription from Amazon, and shortly afterwards they put their prices up, so I started to look for an alternative. I found a couple of alternative pet stores, including Pets At Home and a shop I hadn’t heard of called Zooplus. They attracted me to their site with great prices. Not to mention a 15% off my first order email when I subscribed. Thanks, I shall take that! So I registered and 2 days later the food arrived via DPD, boxed perfectly.

Zooplus – A new friend

I haven’t looked back and always order this diet food from Zooplus, sometimes even ordering the wet food too when on offer. My cats will only eat Felix As Good As It Looks, after accidentally buying the more expensive option when it was on offer once. Stuck up cats!.
Felix As Good As It Looks
Sadly our fur babies have all tried the special diet dry food, and now will only eat that. It has become a very expensive pride of cats at the house. I don’t mind though, as with the special diet, comes the knowledge that none of them should suffer from Struvite crystals in the future.
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