Cheap, Cheaper and Cheapest?

So I set myself a little goal on this one, to find you the cheapest Funko Pop Vinyl figure. I have set myself a few rules too though, so this way I can ensure that the results are fair. So here are my golden rules for the hunt, for the cheapest Funko Pop Vinyl online:

Rule 1. The Funko Pop Vinyl MUST be brand new and boxed
Rule 2. It must be from a UK based supplier
Rule 3. The final price must include Postage and Packaging
Rule 4. Whilst any character can be selected, it MUST be a genuine version

Funko Pop

So normally my first port of call would be the official site for any brand, I think we are all guilty of being lazy in this way. So off to Funko I went. Sad news Britain, there is no Funko UK site. If you are in the US reading this though, your lucky!

Pop In A Box

When I did do a search for Funko UK, the first option is Pop In A Box. This is a great website at first glance, and seems to have every Funko Pop you can think of. Including Oversized Pops, which I had never seen before. They will even ship worldwide, which always wins points in my books. How cheap are their figures though? They do have some active offers of 2 figures for £18.99, and if you subscribe, you will get an additional 10% off. Subscriptions cost though, take a look at the available subscriptions here.

So how much is a single figure? Well I managed to get a really low price of £4.99 for a Chrome Darth Vader at Pop In A Box, however, this item was out of stock!

I ruled this one out as a result, and had to settle for an item which was way down the list. To be honest I was getting quickly fed up of seeing this message:

Finally I found an item in stock, it was WWE Jake The Snake at £9.99. This will have to be the cheapest one from this shop without the subscription discount. There is also a charge of £2.99 for delivery in 3-10 working days.

So for a grand total of £12.98, you could own this fine figure:


I was always going to visit eBay at some point. Knowing that sellers offer Free Postage and Packaging and sell brand new items, I knew I would find a bargain. And straight away I did. I have met my preset rules and found a Brand New Vinyl for an absolute steal:

For a bargain price of just £5.85, you can own Tracer from Overwatch. There are literally hundreds of sellers on eBay selling Funko Pop Vinyl’s at a bargain price, and I think I will be hard pressed to beat this one, but will strive to produce.


I love Merchoid, and usually see some great deals on this site, but sadly not this time. Even though the site offers Free delivery, the basic price for Pop Vinyl was just too much:

£14.99 and Free Delivery, certainly not the cheapest Pop Vinyl Figure around.


Zavvi is a great shop to buy all things geek, however on this occasion, with Pop figures starting at £9.99, its a pass from me.


Well I am surprised, HMV actually came up with a cheaper Funko Pop than eBay. 

For just £3.99 this Valerian figure can be yours, HOWEVER, £10 minimum spend for Free Delivery. I am however going to pull a trump card here. HMV offer Free Delivery to your local store in 2-3 days. £3.99 including delivery, albeit not home, for a brand new Funko Pop Vinyl, is a really good price.

The Game Collection

Another store that I have bought from in the past, and can highly recommend is The Game Collection. Now as I may have cheated a little with the in store click and collect option with HMV, I decided to carry on looking for an alternative. At just £4.99 with Free standard delivery, you can own your very own Kylo Ren. And.. Its IN STOCK!!!

And in Conclusion

I shall end my search here, but it just goes to show that if you shop around for what you are after for a short while, then you can get cheaper. HMV is the cheapest option if you are happy to click and collect, but failing this, do take a look at lesser know stores like The Game Collection for a great bargain.

Happy Shopping


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