One of the best TV commercials I have seen!

This latest Walmart ad just hits every nostalgic spot I have. Its fun and fast and furious and…so many more words I can’t put into text.

The Walmart ad is no doubt an attempt by Walmart to fight back against Amazon. Amazon accounts for almost 50% of eCommerce in the US, where as only about 28% in the UK. They have a large task ahead of them, but with TV commercials like this, they are rocking it.

Nice Car!

See if you can spot all of the following movie vehicles: (And sorry Walmart, but these links do go to Amazon as I couldn’t find what I needed at Walmart).
Ecto 1
Lightning McQueen
Mutt Cutts Van
Mystery Machine
National Lampoons Station Wagon
Jurassic Park Jeep
Pumpkin Coach
The Flintstones Car

The ad contains a selection of famous vehicles from movies that we all grew up with and love. It shows the selection of vehicles all racing to their local Walmart store, to use the pick up service that Walmart offer, when you purchase online.

You can check out the Walmart ad here:

Happy Shopping

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