Best Sim Only Deals Nov 2019

With Black Friday just a few days away, it seems that most mobile phone providers are launching some pretty good deals for Sim Only customers. Sim Only or SIMO as its also known, is a great option when you don’t need a new handset. It is also a cheaper option if you buy a handset outright, and just need a service for your brand new handset.

Mobile Phone Data Usage

With the average Brit spending 90 minutes using a mobile phone each day, it is important that you are not only paying for what you are using, but getting that allowance at a good price. The average consumer in the UK will be paying for 6GB of monthly data. However, with the abundance of WiFi everywhere you go these days, the usage on average per consumer is a measly 2.5GB. A separate comparison conducted by popular site uSwitch shows the average at 3.6GB.

Messaging, Text and MMS

With popular messaging Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the number of text messages being sent is also at an all time low. Dropping from 162 Billion in 2012, to just 74 Billion in 2018. This massive drop would explain why most mobile phone companies offer unlimited texts now.

Phone Calls

The actual traditional phone call usage has dropped dramatically also in recent years. Three years ago, 96% of UK consumers would have been making at least one call per week on a mobile phone. This is using the traditional phone, and not including the likes of Viber, Skype and WhatsApp. This has dropped to just 75% now, with consumer preferring instant messages services, social media and email.

Best Value

Lets get into the best value deals we have seen then. As there are literally thousands of Tariffs out there, do your research. I shall use the upper higher average as quoted above, and look at unlimited minutes and text packages. So I am aiming for 5GB of data on these SIMO deals. If you use more, then there are and will be better options. Don’t forget to use sites like uSwitch to compare deals.

Lebara Mobile uSwitch Exclusive
With a rolling contract you are not locked in, and for £7.95 per month you will get 5GB data. Whats more, you only pay £1 for the first month in the Black Friday offer.

Plusnet 6GB Data £9.50 per month
Vodafone 8GB Data £8 per month
Three 8GB Data £8 per month
Sky 8GB Data £10 per month
Vodafone 8GB Data £10 per month
Giff Gaff 10GB Data £12 per month
BT 8GB Data £12 per month
Three 12GB Data £12 per month
ID Mobile 20GB £14 per month
O2 6GB Data £15 per month
EE 25GB £20 per month


Our Choice

Three Logo

For a small amount of just £8 a month with the uSwitch exclusive, you will get unlimited minutes and text, and a more than suitable 8GB data. Using the link above will ensure that you get the special deal, and not the standard Three costs.

3 for Three mobile as its also known is hard to beat when it comes to their tethering and Feel At Home packages. This allows you to use your mobile phone as not only a tethering device, but also in over 70 countries worldwide with Feel At Home. The doesn’t restrict you to just Europe though. At the time of writing, 71 countries are included like the US, New Zealand, Australia and even Brazil.

With all this on offer, why pay more for your SIMO contract. And don’t forget, I have a full list of stores on my Shopping page.

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