Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

It only seems like last week that the Samsung Galaxy S10 was released, but here comes the next phone. Samsung, ignoring the current issues with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, have now released the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G for Pre Orders.


The handset on the face of it, is a very familiar site for those that now own, or are looking to own the “Standard” S10.

But whats new?

Samsung state that the phone is now BIGGER. BETTER. FASTER. Time will certainly tell on that front, but it is fair to say that 5G will be so much faster than the average Joe will be used too.

The phone has a 6.7″ almost frameless screen, with Samsungs Infinity-O Display. It does have the Ultra Sonic fingerprint reader, just like the S10 and S10+. It also now has a massive 6 cameras. I’m not sure anyone needs that many cameras on a mobile handset, yet companies keep packing more and more in.

The Camera

So the rear of the handset is where you will see most lenses. Just look at all this glass starring back at you. There are five main cameras, one which is split into a 3D depth camera set up. Here is a look at the rear:

Front Camera S10 5G

And the front:

S10 5G Front Camera

The question remains, is this too many cameras? Or will you want to see more as the newer handsets continue to improve?

There is also a new feature called Quick Measure. This seems more like a novelty item, rather than a useful tool. But in saying that, it would have to be tested to see how accurate it actually is.

Battery Life

The battery on this beast of a handset, needs to be large. Guess what, it is. Samsung have packed in a massive 4500 mAh battery. It will also come with a 25W Super-Fast charging adapter in the box. Not too much has been given away about how long the battery will last yet. Benchmarks put it at just under 2 days with light to moderate usage. Until the 5G network is fully tested though, we don’t know how this will effect battery life. Don’t forget the screen is a monster too. Great for Netflix though I’m sure.

Trade Up and Save, but with a downside

I love that Samsung always offer a Trade Up option, where you can earn up to £300 for your old handset in the UK. There is a downside though to this handset currently.  If you do pre-order, you get the choice of EE or Vodafone only.

Vodafone or EE

Now if you are a fan of both EE and Vodafone, you wont care less. I have been with both of these companies though, and vowed never to return. With EE I was plagued with a miss-sold contract of 24 months, when I was assured it was only 12 months at point of sale (Yes it was a while back).

The price was just so much more expensive with EE also. They did have the handset I wanted at the time though. Vodafone, don’t get me started on these. I had 3 business handsets, and was again plagued with issues, from being miss sold the packages, to being overcharged continually on bills. I eventually managed to get the whole contract cancelled, but not without fee.

Personally if this handset was on Three, I would potentially jump on it. I have only ever had one issue with Three which was promptly resolved. Obviously O2 are also available, but I haven’t used them for over 15 years, again due to billing issues at the time. There are tens of smaller “Piggy Back” networks also, that work on the big four carriers.

Should you buy it?

Yes, the golden question. Should you invest your hard earned cash into the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G? It’s your call. Personally though, having a Samsung Note 9 currently, I think I shall wait and see what the Note 10 looks like when released in a few months. And then there is also the Samsung Galaxy Fold to consider. Now if they can sort out the teething issues, that is a handset to consider. If you would like to read more on foldable phones, check out my recent blog post here.


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