Parade Workshop

Take a look at this 3D Tour of the Macy’s Parade workshop for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. The world famous and an annual event for New Yorkers, has to be planned somehow. These below videos maybe a few years old, released in 2016, but get thousands of views every year.

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Cell Phone Reader?

You may have hit the jackpot here. If you are on a mobile device, you can actually enjoy a 360 degree view of the below videos. You can see the floor to ceiling and everything in between. Macy’s really came up with the goods for this segment.

In Video 1 we have the design room


Video 2 takes a look at The Production Room


Workshops and floats are a feature of video 3


What would a parade be with balloons? In the 4th and final video we take a look at the paint and balloons, and see it all come together



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