The holiday season with Macy’s!

Yes a scary time of the year when everyone riots in the streets, and spends way too much hard earned cash. Stick it on the credit card, apply for store credit, use your savings, we all tend to go mad however we tend to shop.
My first trip to the US was in 2014, and I have been back and fourth approximately 16 times. I have slowly become custom to the American way of doing things, and also the way in which consumers shop. I have worked with some of the top brands in the US, and in the UK, and whilst the markets are very different, somethings stay the same.
One store that amazes me time and time again is Macy’s. The presence it has in the US, along with a massive online presence. For the sake of this article I shall be looking online, to shop virtually for some Friends and family at Macy’s.
Macy’s has a vast array of departments available for the consumer to choose from, and stock suitable items for almost anyone. Whilst I am not setting a budget for this particular task, I shall look at just one item per person, and my rule is that it must be relevant to the person I am shopping for. There are always cheaper alternatives, but my main aim to complete my shopping at just one online store, Macy’s.
Right now until the 12/10, you can get an extra 10%-30% off, department dependant with code: FRIEND


I have broken this one out to make it easy for you. So If you are married to a man or women, or living with a significant other, I want to try and help. I shall look for jewelry in particular on this subject, as its one of them universal gifts that say LOVE!

For Him

So what do you get the guy you love for Christmas? So many options at Macy’s, from watches and rings to bracelets and necklaces. Now some men do not like wearing too much Jewelry. Myself, I like a little bit of sparkle, but not too much. I have concentrated on what I would like, so did some window shopping. I headed over to the Men’s Jewelry section and instantly found many items that I would be happy to have. Who wouldn’t want a diamond ring worth $8,000 for Christmas.
Well as thats out of price ranges of the average consumer (Unless you have that kind of money, and then click here), I looked for something a little more modest. I have found two that I would love personally. So ladies and gents, if you are looking for something for your man, he may like one of these. The Men’s Black Diamond Bracelet is manly, and not overly glitzy, so should work with most outfits. This one is priced at $250, BUT, on sale at $125, and has a 30% off offer with code FRIEND, so could be yours for just $87.50.

The second option that I spotted was a Men’s Diamond Bracelet in Stainless Steel. Now this one was a bit more expensive, starting at $600. It is in the sale currently at just $214.99, and again that 30% off FRIEND code will see the sale price at $150.49. I think both are good options, and would be welcomed by most men.

For Her

And so we find ourselves with the ladies options now. I shall stay with the Jewely and have seen some gorgeous Swarovski items on the Swarovski site, but as this is about Macy’s… Moving on from Swarovski, I have seen an absolute gem at a bargain price of just $30.79, from normal price of $200. This beautiful Diamond Accent Two-Tone Heart Pendant is just perfect. I’m not even going to waste anymore time on this one. I think even I would wear it. Well, maybe not.


In the UK its Mum, in the US its generally Mom. Either way she usually gave birth to us, or is our guardian, and deserves something nice. My Mom absolutely loves handbags, so this one should be fairly easy to do. Macy’s has a large selection of branded and even exclusive to Macy’s handbags available. There are some pretty expensive ones available, but also some great bargains too. I have a pretty nice selection posted on my Pinterest board, so feel free to follow me, and take a look at all of the options there. After having a look I found a great bargain Michael Kors Metallic Signature Jet Set Travel Tote. My Mom’s handbag is like a Tardis, so this will be a perfect size for her, and at $136.80 is a great option. Don’t forget that 10% Friend’s & Family discount too. Great, Mom is sorted!


The difficult one in my eyes. What to get Dad for Christmas this year. My Dad loves his tech and gadgets, but generally with all adults, they buy it when they want it. I don’t like to wait for something until the holidays myself. If I want it, I have it the next day, either by using Amazon, or physically going to the shop or store where I know it is in stock. Again I have some great options on my Pinterest board, but lets look at what Macy’s has to offer.
I am going to stick with Tech for my Dad, rather than a pair of slippers, or a nice shirt, as I know he will prefer it. Marshall Major II Headphones. Perfect, and do you know why? My Dads music is lets say, old school, so this means he can still listen to his old tunes, without annoying everyone else! For $100 its a fairly decent price for a mid range brand.


My brother is slightly younger than me and has recently moved house. I was thinking some sort of house warming gift, but then thought that should probably be something extra. Then it hit me. I can’t remember a time when my brother was actually on time for something. As the saying goes, he will be late for his own funeral.
He is into the finer things in life, so whilst a smart watch came to mind initially, I then thought about his fashion sense, and some smart watches are pretty cartoon like in appearance. This was really difficult to decide.
I did see some really nice Michael Kors watches, and some beautiful Tag and Gucci watches. I don’t earn enough to buy those though. PLUS, I would much rather have one of them myself if I could afford. With over 3,200 watches to choose from, I spotted the perfect dress up/dress down style watch that would suit him. The Michael Kors Unisex Slim Runway watch in Black priced at $146.25, would suit both his style and day to day use. Perfect!

Best Friend

My best friend of almost 22 years. What to get her. She is a progressive young lady, very forward thinking, with lots of tattoos. Open to anything and really funny to be around. We don’t generally bother with Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions, as we made a pact many years ago. Whilst to be honest, she probably wont get anything this year either, I know a lot of people do look out for their best friends, so I challenged myself.
Macy’s has an awesome Gift Guide to help you choose for the more difficult person in your life. I thought I would keep it cheap and look for a gift for under $25. It didn’t take me long to find a nice ear ring set by Giani Bernini, and is a 3-pc set. Thats her sorted for just $14.99!

Auntie & Uncle

This is the difficult one. What do you get a married pair that almost have everything. Well I was thinking of the good old get out clause of a Macy’s Gift card. This would be so easily to order and get delivered with no real thinking about it. I shall fall back on the good old fashioned Gift Card.


This should be so easy. My nephew is 6 years old and into Marvel massively, This should be the easiest to buy, as he has all of the action figures, but not too many vehicle type toys. So lets have a look. I did a quick search for Marvel Toys and how wrong I could be. They literally had a couple of Lego sets, and the rest were clothing items. Really disappointed with the selection,
I did a quick search for toys, and whilst the options were limited, I did see a gift, at just $35.99. FAO Schwarz Laser Tag is just perfect, and more importantly, I can play with the toy too as its two player. Its a win win on this one.


Not too much positivity on this one, as there was a let down over my nephew. So onto my niece. What should I get for a 3 year old? I did a quick search again and Macy’s does allow you to filter by age. So the toys 2-4 years old would be the better option. Scrolling through, I have seen a few options actually. She loves Disney princesses at the minute, so I shall look at these types of toys. I am also conscious of spending $35.99 on my nephew, so want to spend around the same amount.
OK so Disney didn’t yield the results I was hoping for. So I shall look based on her second passion, singing and music. I found a great little Step N Play piano for her. Now it does say 4+, but I’m sure it will be fine. This came in at $47.00 is isn’t too far from the $35.99 spent on my nephew. I can live with that.

In Conclusion

Can it be done? Well yes actually it can at Macy’s. I did have to sacrifice a few possibilities, with the toys in particular, I probably would have found much better options at Target for example or Shop Disney. Even the Marvel Store would have helped massively, and then there is always Amazon. To complete my holiday shopping in one place I thought would be difficult, but as it turns out, it wasn’t too bad at all.
Happy Holidays!
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