Looking For A New Apple iPad?

I am an Android guy! I love Android, the open source technology, and fact that I can personalise my phone however I like. This is where my dedication to Android actually ends though many will be surprised. Since the iPad Air 2 came out on my birthday many years ago, I have always had an iPad. The technology is just so much better than anything that you can buy on the Android market. Samsung have some pretty close options, however nothing tops the iPad for what I need.

iPad with Pen and Keyboard

I have had many iPads throughout the years, from the basic to the Pro versions. The iPad Pro 12.9 inch is a beautiful piece of equipment, but is just too large for me. I tend to stick to the Air versions or the standard iPad, which is exactly what I have just bought. I have never owned an iPad mini as found them too small when I tried one out.

Looking For A Great Deal?

I decided I would help those looking to buy an iPad over Christmas, for either themselves, a family member or even a friend. And some friend you would be!

I shall get straight to the point on where I have just bought my latest iPad 2019 32GB 7th Generation etc etc… Very. I am unable to discuss any financial element when it comes to Very, but I can say that the iPad was advertised at a nice reduced £299. This is £50 cheaper than buying from Apple direct, and is a similar price to many other stockists at the moment. What made this deal special with Very though is that the end price is a cool £249. Again for reasons I am unable to put into my blog. However if you head over to their site, you will see how this is done, and that you have until the 28.11.19 to do it.

Can You Get The iPad Cheaper?

Amazon is a great one stop shop, and so is eBay, so I had a look on these two platform to see what was available.

Amazon – £298.99 This is for the 32GB WiFi only version.
eBay – £274.30 Again for the 32GB WiFi only version.

So Very is still in the lead at the moment for a new Apple iPad.

iPad in Space Grey

Where Else?

I next turned to some of the mainstream electrical companies that most of us know.  The likes of Curry’s, AO and John Lewis are on my target list.

Curry’s – £299
AO – £299
John Lewis & Partners – £299 With the added bonus of a 2 year warranty.
Tecobuy – £267.99 I have never heard of these, but have good reviews and price.
Toby Deals – £257.99 Reviews for this company are very mixed indeed.

I would say that it is worth a shop around for sure, as the price varies vastly from Apple’s direct £349, down to the lowest £249 that I have managed to secure. I think there is the new set price of £299 appearing everywhere now. With Black Friday a couple of days away, there is a chance of even more reductions. There are plenty of shops to look at, and hopefully you will grab a great deal like I have.

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