What is a VPN?

A VPN is simply a method of keeping you secure on the internet. Imagine a force field over your internet cables or Wi-Fi. This force field will prevent anyone from accessing your information while browsing. This not only works in your own home, but when you are out and about also.

Do I need one?

This one is totally up to you. So you want a safe way of surfing the internet? Are you happy with your current set up? Do you want to pay for a service? There are plenty of hackers out there, and no one knows the chances of being hacked. I currently use a VPN, but with the options of security and safety worldwide, I am very close to subscribing to a more stable service.

Are there any benefits to having a VPN?

Get secure and private access to the internet. This can be anywhere in the world. You can make your connection appear to be in another country, so as you can access local websites. Hulu for example in the UK, even though it is a US streaming service. Many in China will use a VPN to get through the “Great wall of China” which is the governments blocks on certain websites. You can also protect all of your devices, including mobile phones. This is really simple using an App service like that of Nord VPN.

Mobile VPN

What service should I use?

There are a lot of VPN services out there. Some are paid for and some are free. Sometimes I have had trouble using free services, as they can work one moment, but not the next. I have a colleague that swears by Nord VPN and their services. Playing around with the service, I was very impressed with the ease of use. You can simply select the country you want to be in, and boom, your connected.

How much does it cost?

You will be glad to know that it doesn’t cost too much for this peace of mind. Take a look at the current prices at Nord VPN.

Nord VPN Prices

As you can see, its a pretty cheap tool, for internet safety peace of mind. Let me know if you use any VPN currently, and if there are any other services you would recommend? Just use the Contact Us page!

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