Do you need prescription eyewear?

If you are on the market for a new pair of glasses, or prescription sunglasses, then look no further. There are plenty of brands out there to order from, some better than others. Would like to shop for cheap prescription eyewear? I have recently tried Specky Four Eyes to see what their service and glasses are actually like.

Did you know?

When you visit an opticians in the UK, they have to provide you with your prescription, should you need eyewear. You don’t have to buy your glasses from them. Although, if you have a particularly difficult prescription, it maybe better in the long run. I always go to Specsavers for my eye tests. They often have cheap eye test offers, or even free eye tests. I have only ever purchased glasses from them once however.

How do you get your prescription?

Ask. Its as simple as that. Opticians are very clever at having their desks part way in the store. This means on check you have already walked past their eyewear. You then tend to have a test towards the back of the store, or even upstairs in some branches. You will then be taken back to the desk for their sales pitch. Usually you will be handed over to a sales assistant straight away, who will recommend your new glasses, should you need them. Remember, they have to provide you with a prescription, regardless of if you buy from them or not.

Alternative Suppliers

Now there are a lot of alternative suppliers available for your prescription eyewear. Almost all of these will have special offers, and introductory offers available. Look at this discount when you sign up to Smart Buy Glasses.

Smart Buy Glasses

Join their newsletter list and you get 50% off your first purchase, pretty good hey? The good news is that most sites will offer an excellent offer like this. Unlike the high street stores, there are much lower overheads, so than can compete relatively easily. I have a list of partner sites available here.

Specky Four Eyes

For some Really cheap priced eyewear, good quality, both prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, look no further. The eyewear at Specky Four Eyes is actually pretty good, although it takes a while to choose. They do have a rather large range available. If you join their mailing list too, they very often will have 2 pairs for £29, or take a look at the Spring Sale now on. Designer glasses from just £10. You will always have to pay delivery though, which is generally around £4.99. You opt for faster delivery for £9.99.

Spring Sale Specky Four Eyes


Very cheap options.
Great range.
Designer options available.
Need a spare pair at home, in the car, in the office and in your luggage, worth every penny.


Really slow delivery.
Made of plastic rather than glass.
Can’t try before you buy.
Postage seems a little steep.


So delivery is my main gripe with Specky Four Eyes. The website does state delivery is between 3 and 30 days. Its always around 4 weeks for me, at a cost of £4.95. This isn’t great if you want a pair fast, or are blind without your glasses. Given the price though and the ease of ordering on their website, I would say order spare pairs from them if you would like some. I have a wide varying collection, from Animal Sunglasses, to Superdry Prescription Glasses, and all have been less than £20 a pair, with delivery.

Do Subscribe to the email subscription list, as you will get offers through, frequently, although not in a spammy way. Let me know how you get on by posting in the comments below.

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